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  San Francisco & N. California
    Palace of Fine Arts
    Mayor George Moscone
    Hills Bros Coffee Drinker
    Hall of Justice
    Dr. Jesse L. Carr
    St. Francis, St. Anselm's Church
    California State Capital
    Gen. John A. Sutter
    First Westerners
  Southern California
    Norman Feldheym
    Dr. Linus Pauling
  Outside California
    This is the Place Monument
    Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi

    Owl of Athena
    Kirk Douglas
    High Climber
    Mermaid & Dolphin
    Emperor Haile Selassie
    Minoan Bulls
    Barnaby Conrad
    Wolo, Puppeteer

    Hawaii Statehood
    Golden Gate Bridge 25th Anniversary
    San Francisco Twin Bicentennial
    Alaska Centennial
    Giannini Award
    Leon Peters Award
    Florette Pomeroy Award
    Pacific Mutual Life Insurance

    Levi Straus
    Jockey of the Year

(not a complete list)

Spero Anargyros


1938    Bas-relief Sculpture, Post Office, Hammonton, New Jersey
1944 - 1947 "This Is The Place" Monument, Salt Lake City, Assistant to Mahonri Young, grandson of Brigham Young
1947  Portrait bust of Kirk Douglas, Actor
1947 Portrait bust of Katina Paxinou, Actress
1953  Portrait plaque Gaetano Merola, San Francisco Opera House
1955 Redwood Bas-relief, lobby of Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Bldg., San Francisco
1957 17' Bronze Bas-relief, Main Office Bldg., First Western Bank, San Francisco
1959 Hawaii Statehood Medallion
1962 15' diameter Granite Seal of the City and County of San Francisco on the Hall of Justice, San Francisco
1962 Marble "Owl of Athena", Bohemian Club, San Francisco
1962 Russell Varian Portrait Plaque, Physics Laboratory, Stanford University, Palo Alto
1962 Commemorative Medallion of Golden Gate Bridge, 25th Anniversary
1964 Heroic size portrait in marble of Benjamin Franklin for facade of Franklin Savings and Loan Bldg., San Francisco
1967 Bronze Seal of Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank and two full size bronze lions, Chinatown Branch of Hong Kong Bank, San Francisco
1967 Alaska Medallion, Centennial, 1967
1968 Mt. Rushmore National Monument Medallion
1968 Portrait Head, J. H. Weiss, President of Bohemian Club, San Francisco
1969 Portrait Head, Victor Bergeron ("Trader Vic"), San Francisco
1969 American Negro Commemorative Medallion
1969 Coronado Bay Bridge Commemorative Medallion, San Diego
1969 Crocker Citizens Centennial Medallion
1969 Portrait Head, Raymond W. Hackett, President of Bohemian Club, San Francisco
1969 Portrait Head, Charles H. Bulloti, Jr., President of Bohemian Club, San Francisco
1969 Bust, Dr. Jesse L. Carr, Pathology Building, San Francisco General Hospital
1970 California Historical Society Commemorative Medallion
1970 Over-life size bronze bust, Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Ruler of Sharjah and its Dependencies, Trucial States, Persian Gulf
1970 Bust, Ralph K. Davies, Franklin Hospital, International Building, San Francisco
1971 Levi Straus statue, San Francisco
1972 Commemorative Coin Medal, Yellowstone Park Centennial
1972 8' bronze, Don Pedro Martinez, K.C.S.S., unveiled April 1973, Agana, Guam, plus commemorative medallion
1973 Portrait plaque, Warren A. Bechtel, Bechtel Corporation
1973 Portrait plaque, Charles J. Berry, University of Alaska
1974 12' reclining figure in bronze of Jesus Christ in Resurrection, private memorial crypt, Agana, Guam
1974 22' Bronze Bas-relief, Crocker Citizens National Bank, San Mateo, California
1974 Over-life sized portrait bust, Jockey Jack Robinson Memorial, Bay Meadows Race Track, Belmont, California
1974 12" "statuette", "Jockey of the Year" Award, Bay Meadows Race Track, Belmont, Califonia
1974 Portrait plaque, Donald N. Pritzker, Hyatt Corporation, San Mateo, now at Chicago headquarters
1975 Portrait Head, Lucius Beebe, John Spring Founders Award
1975 7' statue, Pedro Camach Lujan, Barrigada, Guam
1976 Portrait Head, Mrs. Edward (Barbara) Goldie, Petaluma, California
1976 Portrait Head, D. P. Larsen, Sir. Vice President, World Airways, Oakland, California
1976 Master Model, Twin Bicentennial Commemorative Medallion, San Francisco & USA
1976 Two bronze Bas-relief plaques for the Eagle, Alaska Monument to Ronald Admunsen and his Northwest Passage of 1905
1976 Over-life sized portrait bust, Senator Ernest Gruening of Alaska, University of Alaska
1976 Bronze portrait head, Mrs. W. W. (Sally) Mein, Woodside, California
1977 Bronze portrait head, Father Terry, retired President, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California
1977 Bronze portrait head, Philip Ober, Actor, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
1978 Bronze portrait heads, Mr. and Mrs. J. Garcia Lourdes, Editor & Owner of International "Auge", Mexico
1979 Bronze portrait head, Edward Daley, President, World Airlines, Oakland, California
1979 Bronze athletic figure, "Champion" for George H. Carter, San Francisco

Bronze portrait head, Paul Speegle, President, Bohemian Club

1981 Bronze portrait head, Henry Doelger, Henry Doelger Recreation Center, Daly City, California
1982 Four Heroic groups in cast stone for the State Capitol Building, Sacramento
1983 Bronze portrait head, Patrick O'Melveny, President, Bohemian Club, San Francisco
1984 Bronze Medallion, Leon Peters Award, County & City Chamber of Commerce, Fresno, California
1985 Bronze memorial statue of St. Francis, St. Anselm's Episcopal Church, Lafayette, California
1985 Bronze portrait head, William C. Matthews, President, Bohemian Club
1986 Over life size bronze portrait bust, Norman Feldheym, Main Library, San Bernardino, California
1987 8' Bronze statue of General John A. Sutter, Sutter General Hospital, Sacramento
1992 9' Poly-Bronze statue of the Hills Bros. Coffee Drinker, Hills Bros Plaza, San Francisco
1994 Over-life sized Bronze Bust of George R. Moscone, San Francisco Mayor, one casting for City Hall and a second casting for the Moscone Convention Center
1998 Over-life sized bronze bust of Dr. Linus Pauling
2000 Bronze bust, Mahonri Young, Sculptor, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah and a second casting for Mahonri Young home and studio at Weir Farm National Historic Site
2003 3' x 5' bronze portrait Bas-relief of Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa and Nobel Prize winner and Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhist Leader, Japan. Six castings.